We are delighted to welcome you to Bidwell Brook School, our "Good" special school based in Dartington. We are very proud of our pupils and staff and constantly strive towards providing a stimulating and challenging environment so “everyone will be the best that they can be; everyone has a voice; no-one is excluded.”

Our school sited in a beautiful rural location and offers an attractive and stimulating learning environment, combining specialized teaching facilities with local resources. The area we serve includes Totnes, Dartington, the South Hams, South Dartmoor and Teignbridge, and as such the school is a valued member of several communities. As well as having a very committed and professional staff, Bidwell Brook has long established links with mainstream primary and secondary schools, enabling us to focus upon the individual needs of all our pupils and to promote inclusion opportunities.

We hope you enjoy finding out about us, our school and its many facilities and joining us in celebrating our pupils’ many achievements.


EMAIL KATY YOUNG, CLERK TO GOVERNORS: clerk@learntolivefederation.co.uk


Child Exploitation and Online Safety: Children and young people can be exploited and suffer bullying through their use of modern technology such as the internet, mobile phones and social networking sites. In order to minimise the risks to our children and young people The Learn to Live Federation will ensure that we have in place appropriate measures such as security filtering, and an acceptable use policy linked to our E-Safety policy. We will ensure that staff are aware of how not to compromise their position of trust in or outside of the setting and are aware of the dangers associated with social networking sites. Our E-safety policy will clearly state that mobile phone; camera or electronic communications with a child at our setting is not acceptable other than for approved setting business. Where it is suspected that a child is at risk from internet abuse or cyber bullying we will report our concerns to the appropriate agency.