January 2017 - Purple Class

The pupils and support staff of purple class have been working hard again producing another animation video. Their latest work is a short animation film titled ' Strictly Stoneage'. Click below to watch. Enjoy!

October 2016 - Bidwell Brook Nature Camera Video

We hope you enjoy watching this video showing some of the animals living near to the school.

The Pirates of Bidwell Brook

Th' pupils 'n teachin' assistants o' S1 crew 'ave been workin' on another animation. Sit back 'n enjoy...

October 2015

This month, Tony Whitehead and Chris Booth visited Blue Class at Bidwell Brook School to work with the young people there. The workshops were about healthy eating and keeping well by eating well. Tony and Chris made us radio features on special healthy foods including starchy food, protein-rich omelettes and fun snacks, like popcorn!

This show was broadcast live on Saturday 31st October 2015 on Soundart Radio, 102.5fm

(To listen click the Play button below - Bidwell's contribution starts about 33 minutes in.)

September 2015

The pupils from Red Class discovered a crashed spaceship in the school playground and they then went on an adventure in search of Beegu. Click on the video to play.