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2019 Spring Term

  BB Family Newsletter 11th January 2019

2018 Autumn Term

  BB Family Newsletter 14th December 2018

  BB Family Newsletter 30th November 2018

  Family Newsletter 16th November 2018

  Family Newsletter 2nd November 2018

  Family Newsletter 12th October 2018

  Santa Special

2018 Summer Term

  Family Newsletter 25th July 2018

  Family Newsletter 13th July 2018

  Family Newsletter 29th June 2018

  Family Newsletter 15th June 2018

  Family Newsletter 18th May 2018

  BB Family Newsletter 4th May 2018

  BB Family Newsletter 20th April 2018


  • If you are a parent who has been unable to find suitable childcare, please let Devon County Council know by completing this form so they can support you to find childcare and it can help them plan.